Friday, August 4, 2017

Healing Classes in Panama were a huge success!

An  advanced energy healing class was taken in Panama City, Republic of Panama.  Taylore Vance spent 2 weeks in Panama City, training dozens of new Reiki Students.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Panama Reiki - Energy Healing Workshops

Arrived at PTY last night... I'm sitting on Yoli A...'s patio looking at the Pacific ocean beach, Palm trees, flowering trees/plants, listening to the birds and construction sounds

Happy, happy, happy!!!!
I'm happy to be here to meet my twin newly born great grand baby daughters and be with the parents and be with other family members in Panama.

While here -- my many Panamanian and expat friends have asked me for more energy and a better connection to their own internal guidance system where they can start living the magical life... health and well-being!

Because so many are ready for some big magic in their lives -- I was requested to help by bringing Reiki here to the Republic of Panama.
There will be a free event tomorrow night at yoli's place.  Tel 6001-4479 for directions

Please stop by at 7PM
Coco del Mar Wednesday to assist in a meditation to lift the Panama country up, and of course you, yourself will be lifted up, as we do the meditation!
We also have a retreat center for metaphysical, Yoga, past life readings, energy clearings, Reiki treatments, massage with a Reiki Master, New Age, etc.

**Would you like to be more happy?
** Are you healthy? Do you desire better health?
** How are your relationships?
**Do you have a deep sadness about something?
**Do you want a better job, more money or a home business?
**You want to help others at a higher level?

All of this is possible!
—Your life is improved when you take a Reiki workshop with me. If you want some changes in your life, you must step forward and do what it takes. Give yourself the gift of a Reiki Workshop with Taylore Vance!

Confirm your reservation. It is filling up fast! Call Yoli for directions Cell 6001-4479

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Panama Reiki Master Training/ Reiki Classes in Panama

Energy Healing Workshop! Panama Reiki
Next Class January 2016

Reiki Training in Panama City  Tel in Panama 6001-4479 - ask for Yoli
-- Very reasonable priced for 3-days! ---
  • Learn energy healing
  • Feel better, Be healthier,
  • Easier to create the Life you Desire!
3-evenings of learning to be a Reiki Master - Tuesday-Thursday, at Coco del Mar, beautiful workshop location right on the Panama ocean. 

Bring a friend to take this energy medicine course with you.

God wants more people connected to Source energy because it brings more Light, inner happiness, prosperity, and better health to those connected. 

This is Reiki!
Reiki makes your body well. 

You will connect with higher Source energy and naturally will gravitate toward people and situations that are beneficial for you!
You will feel stronger, happier, and be healthier from an energy clearing at the Reiki Ranch. Some healers use Laser Reiki to clear your emotional blockages. Please spread the joy of Reiki 

There are 3 different levels of Reiki taught -- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level. 

The third level is the Master level. Only $550 to become a Reiki Master in Panama city, Rep of Panama.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Panama Reiki Training Programs

Reiki Energy Training in Panama is presented several times a year.

This advanced Reiki training is a step-by-step educational program specializing in holistic heart-centered subtle healing methods—which create optimum health and well-being.
  • Reiki raises the frequencies in the body where you can feel good again
  • You can start learning hand-on-healing and you do not use your own energy
  • You just flow the God Force energy to yourself and others without any effort
Reiki raises the frequency and therefore raises the ability to have better health.

The Panama Reiki curriculum teaches how to balance life energy (chi or prana) in all aspects of being—mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

Using Traditional Usui Reiki and Energy Medicine as a holistic model, the program focuses on life in its connection with All.

Energy techniques, physical exercises (like chi gong and yoga), intuition training, and ancient and modern health concepts are the foundation of the Panama Reiki Training.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reiki Panama City Meeting

I've had lots of questions from several in the Divine Panama Yahoo group about my visit to Panama next week.

And Yes, I'll be available to meet for lunch on Thursday in Panama City to talk about Reiki.

Let's meet at a private Panama home for lunch!Do you want to come to Yoli A's duplex on the ocean beach for lunch???

Just count yourself in, and bring a lunch dish, some kind of salad and/or cold cuts, local fruit dish, etc.

Yoli has a beautiful home near the end of 50th street -- Marina del Rey complex with a security gate. She is in duplex #1 on the ground (Not in an apartment). Her duplex is on the ocean beach. There is plenty of inside visitor parking under the community center.

We have a lot spiritual events to talk about -- with the new energies coming into the world getting ready for the year 2012 -- the beginning of the Golden Age.

We at the Reiki Ranch are on the leading edge of Energy healing in the North West of the USA.

Check out The Reiki where we are the discoverers of Laser Reiki -- since 1994.

Laser Reiki is said to be 10X faster than other healing modalities.

After lunch activity: We will do a group meditation to help lift the energy in Panama. (The general energy is very low in Panama City.)  We can help by flowing God's energy into this city!

It is hard to live healthy when the energy around a city is pulling you down. It is just a numbers game.

High energy = health, happiness and well being!
Low energy is equal to depression, worry, struggle and finally-- over time -- causes sickness.

Release stress!  
Feel good again!
Reiki 1 Symbol


Suggest you all meet us over the weekend  for a Reiki class.
Learn to feel good again!

That is Saturday and Sunday!
 Two days of Reiki  -- and if you bring a friend -- Save money for each person you bring!

Give yourself a 2-day Incredible Energy Healing Experience -- Become Reiki 1, 2, and 3
Share with a friend or family member!

It is very affordable; spread the news and make PANAMA A BETTER PLACE to live.

I guarantee that Your Reiki experience will be uplifting.
I can even tell you before hand -- how much increase each of you will experience in your connection with Source energy as a result of spending a weekend with Reiki.

A Better connection to God, Spirit and/or Source means a happier life for you -- more money, joy and better health!
Just come and experience a change for the better!

You have nothing to lose...(except you will lose your pain!) A money back guarantee is provided!

Being Reiki makes your life happier and gives you more freedom.
Reiki blends in with all other healing modalities and religions. It increases your connection to Source -- about 20% in our classes and that increase is possible for each class!

Reiki 2 and 3 follows Reiki 1... You can become a Reiki Master!